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Welcome to HairDesignerTV, an online learning and networking site for salons and stylists. World renowned hairstylist Vivienne Mackinder has condensed more than 30 years of her knowledge and experience into a comprehensive and highly-accessible educational series. We use streaming video, audio, animation, colorful graphics and printable lessons to demonstrate all the latest cutting trends, hair coloring techniques, dress work and more.


From Vivienne Mackinder’s Amour Collection for Intercoiffure America/Canada



The “Classic” version of HairDesignerTV is divided into 3 sections: Technical, Inspiration and Motivation. Each section is focused on building different strengths to enable students to reach their full potential. Learn more, click here

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From Vivienne Mackinder's Romantica Collection

From Vivienne Mackinder’s Romantica Collection



HairDesignerTV Courses improve upon the legacy of the Classic version by adding a more guided and directed method of teaching. These new courses are driven by a successful educational model that works to ensure students not only receive information, but understand how to put the information into practice.


Courses to roll out in 2013